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Toilet Plumbing Milwaukie OR (Oregon) – Beaverton Plumbing

Toilet Plumbing Milwaukie Oregon (Service & Installation)

Beaverton Plumbing knows that not all toilets are created equal, and we install and repair all types of toilets in both residential and commercial locations. Some may say, “A toilet is just a toilet,” but there are actually many types, shapes, sizes to suit different situations and spaces.

When you are planning on remodeling, or new construction and your plans include a bathroom, the toilet you choose is not something to just take for granted. For adults, an elongated toilet is most comfortable. When space is at a premium, a round-front toilet is most desirable. Both types are available in styles that range from contemporary to traditional. Beaverton Plumbing services the Milwaukie, OR area.

Toilet height is also something to be considered. The standard toilet height measures approximately 14 1/2″ up from the floor to the bowl rim, not including the toilet seat. In recent years, however, toilets have become available in higher heights to accommodate taller individuals and to provide more comfort for those with physical handicaps and the elderly. As a result, the most popular newer height is usually around 16 1/8″. Toilets that meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities) requirements now must have a floor-to-bowl height of 17″ to 19″, including the seat.

Beaverton Plumbing will help determine the right toilet to select in your price range. We also can help you choose a toilet that meets US EPA standards for WaterSense. Toilets displaying the WaterSense label can save up to 11,000 gallons of water each year. By using high-performing, water-efficient products, we are helping protect our water supply and are educating our children in the importance of conservation for our future. WaterSense toilets use an average of 20% less water than their less-efficient counterparts.

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